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Quadro Toddler 12432

A set designed for the youngest, just starting their adventures with playgrounds. Vivid colors of individual elements encourage exploration and discovering the secrets of this place. Contains 3 square platforms, gable roof, stainless steel slide, tube bridge, 3 security panels, gymnastic bar, abacus and rose manipulations

  • Seriennummer: 12432MPN
  • Preis: AUF ANFRAGE

Bearing posts made of square steel profiles with a cross 9x9xcm, fixed direct in the ground. Antislip platforms. Roofs, security elements and panels are made of HDPE (high durable polyethylene) boards with pattern cuttings. Sliding surface is made of acid-proof, stainless steel sheet. Ropes made of polypropylene with a steel core, thickness 16-18 mm, vandalism and UV resistant. All fittings and connectors are weather and UV resistant. Wood elements are oiled or covered with a colour glaze. Steel elements are protected against corrosion with zinc layer and powder paint coating.

Höhe (m) 2.46
Breite (m) 2.88
Länge (m) 3.05
Freie Fallhöhe (m) 1
Abmessungen des Sicherheitsfreiraum (m) 5,7 - 6,6
Benutzernummern 10
Entsprechend der Norm EN-1176-1:2017-12

The method, date and cost of delivery are each time agreed by the Parties before shipment. We comprehensively organize transport to the place indicated by the client. However, the full cost of transportation is borne by the customer. It is the client's responsibility to prepare the project and report the construction of the playground to the appropriate authorities, prepare a safe surface, dismantle old equipment, bushes and trees and prepare the site. We provide detailed assembly instructions, the customer is responsible for the assembly itself.